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Sometimes, if we’re lucky, a gift will come out of a bad situation. When it means a second chance at life, Peter Hogenson is determined to take advantage of his gift and devote himself to caring for others.


"Everyone from the triage nurses to the a la carte staff were fantastic, but three people made our stay exceptional. Jen, our labor and delivery nurse, Toni, the NAC, and Amy, the night RN on the postpartum unit."


"The level of care they give is like no other. Words cannot express the gratitude that we have toward Dr. Foltz and his team. We just don’t know what we would do without them!"


"I now know that cancer treatment doesn't have to be negative. That the care you receive is not just medical but it the compassion that goes along with it."


"I would like to thank all of the doctors and nurses at Swedish NICU. We will never forget our experience at Swedish Medical Center for the rest of our lives. We are so grateful to have our daughter doing well and home with us today. We always recommend Swedish to our friends and family whenever we get the chance."

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